Fantastic Podcast!

I’ve read Gianni’s several times and I was pleasantly surprised to DM d out he had a podcast. Right away I started binging. So many cool stories. I highly recommend it. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼



Absolutely love listening to you all. I listen to podcast at my job building furniture, it makes my day go by faster. I started listening on a Wednesday. Thursday I order the book and Friday afternoon I started reading it. It was a great book. I definitely would watch a show about it. I’m only in season 2 so far and listening everyday. Keep it up guys.



The Ant

One word to describe this podcast..AMAZING!!keep up the great work guys




I just discovert the podcast as i am going thru a mafia rabbit hole and i am so glad i found this. I love to listen to gianni’s stories and his interesting life. I can’t wait to catch up with all the episodes



Great guest!!!

You guys knocked it out of the park with this weeks guest. I’ve been listening to your show since day 1. This guy was so funny and had done great stories. His scene he did from The Godfather was fantastic! Thanks for introducing him to me. I instantly went over and subscribed to his YouTube Channel! Tons of great interviews on there, including you guys! Here’s hoping for a return appearance in the future.



The Hollywood Godfather is INCREDIBLE!!!

The Hollywood Godfather Podcast is a great follow-up to the The Hollywood Godfather book! I bought an autographed book and didn’t want to risk messing it up, so I bought the Audio Book. I urge everyone to go this route. To hear Mr. Russo narrate his story brought the images to life in my mind. This podcast makes me feel as though it’s just us four sitting around sipping some wine and enjoying good conversation. I look forward to it every week. Congratulations Mr. Picciarelli on such a well written book, and Miss Horan for doing a fabulous job hosting the podcast. I love her voice. Mr. Russo, thank you for continuing to share your story. You’re the most interesting man in the world, and a TRUE gentleman.

Continued Blessings. ~ Ron L. Echevarria


Love the show, but…

I’d like to know if Gianni is married. And if not, would he date someone in their 30s?


Real Deal

A bit of America history every time I listen to a new episode. Thanks for offering the show- it’s been a great find during a troubling time.



Loyal Listener Since Day 1

Hey Gianni

How about some of your stories on Bill Clinton……….I know you got ’em!

Love the podcast. Love you and the gang!

Marie A

Ft. Lauderdale



Never miss an episode

I listen to every episode. Love it. You even hear NYC in the background.



Great cast !!

Hey guys this guy Mike Russell that you had on was never a member of law Enforcement he was a CI confidential Informant Pat I’m surprised that you never picked up on that since you were a real Nypd cop/Lt on the job. He never was a cop or special agent. He was a CI that worked with all of the different agencies against OC or narco perps. Still love your cast !



Great dialogue 👍👍👍

Been listening from the beginning and gets better every week. Gianni’s stories are truly amazing. And at 77 it’s remarkable he still remembers all details and names. I’m 69 and forgot who I spoke to YESTERDAY . Make sure you tune in – you won’t be disappointed.


All Day Jay,

Can’t stop listening.

Great show can’t get enough of it also got the book and the audio. Great job crew you 3 are fantastic 👍🏽



The kid

Hello! I just wanted to drop a line and tell you all how much I loved your book and now the podcast. I have recommended the book to at least 5 friends. Everyone absolutely loves it. Also I was in Vegas this last weekend and at the Wynn. There was a local lady there carrying on about everyone she knew etc etc. so I said do you know Gianni Russo??? She did! I’ll tell you the story of you want.


Jeramy Ybarra 503-504-0522


Danny Redcloud,


This isn’t just mafia stories or cop stories. This is a piece of American history at it’s best, darkest, and at times at it’s funniest. The team of RPH, (Russo,Picciarelli,Horan), make this podcast a definite must listen. You can’t just sit for one episode. If I have to go on an errand, I plug my phone into my car radio or take my earphones and listen to the podcast while I take care of business. Great job! I can hardly wait for the new episodes. God bless you guys….and young lady.



Great Show

Excellent conversation and stories



The Hollywood Godfather

Excellent! All three participants are interesting and articulate .


Toni S Hudson,

The Hollywood Godfather

Hollywood Godfather. Excellent stories from Gianni Russo. I’ve always leaves me wanting more!



Straight from the horses mouth!!

This podcast is such a gem, Gianni has first hand account and insight into some of pop cultures most interesting people and stories. He answers your questions and usually with a mind blowing tale if you ask the right stuff. Meghan and Pat make this trio such a great listen. If I could give it 10 stars I would!



Great stories!!!

Great podcast! I’m haven’t stop listening since I discovered the show this week. I’m bing listening and I could listen to any show in any order. Keep it up guys.. by the way I would use a guy like Artie Lang he would be a great addition and has tons of loyal fans.


Haig Nahabed,


Love to listen and learn history at the same time. The last 70 years of politics organized crime and entertainment are covered in this podcast. It puts major events into context from an insiders perspective.


deb de malibu,


Does Gianni have any stories about Christopher Walken ? Were they acquainted?


A true Hollywood Godfather

Gianni’s stories are the best! The podcast itself has audio flaws and Gianni repeats stories from time to time. But this only shows that they were true the first time around 🙂 Thank you Megan, Pat and Gianni for a weekly dose of knowledge of my Sicilian mafia heritage!



Awesome stories

This podcast is so fun and laid back especially for those that enjoy old Hollywood and mob stories.



The best

His is the only podcast I look forward to. The others I listen to are good and mob focused, but this is the one I depend on for accuracy and truth. Thank you Gianni, Pat and Megan.

Eric from Tucson



A must listen podcast !

I could listen to Mr.Russo all day .He tells the best stories .And that laugh , I love it!😆



Rat pack

Huge fan keep it coming love the chemistry between you guys .. got any stories about how crazy the rat pack was ? and especially how Sammy davis jr was if you knew him



The best! Legit!

Coming from the same area it’s a blast hearing the nostalgia of a Mulberry St pre gentrification! Gianni is the last of the Mohegan’s and can share a story like no other! Book is equally entertaining !



Best Podcast in production!

Amazing on so many levels. First, the chemistry between Gianni, the always classy storyteller extraordinaire, Pat, the well informed sidekick and Megan, the wide eyed millennial always urging the fellas to tell just us more, is at the heart of this tell all podcast! If you’re a fan of cops and robbers, or the Mafia of old, or Vegas and the Rat Pack era, this is the show for you! Congratulations gang, keep those stories coming. A guilty pleasure that will have you rooting for the Gentleman Gangsters!




Just found you guys!! Excellent show. Great content. You guys seem to really have a great connection. All three of you. I’m recommending to everyone!! Great job!!

Mr. Stasia,

Hollywood Godfather

Excellent and fascinating. A rare glimpse into a golden era.


Lotus 31,

Love the podcast ‼️

Fantastic ‼️‼️



Absolutely Fascinating!!

After hearing Mr. Russo on the Jim Norton and Sam Roberts radio show, I thought I’d give his Hollywood Godfather podcast a trial listen…Wow!!! I started at the beginning and can’t turn it off…if you love American history, this podcast is a must!!!



Fascinating subject matter!

This is such an interesting podcast , very well produced with an all star cast!

I look forward to hearing all of Mr. Russo’s and Mr. Picciarelli’s stories.

The lives they’ve lived are definitely worth sharing!



Hollywood Godfather podcast

What a treat! Been a mass reader and film follower of Anything Mafia and The Golden Age of Hollywood ! However to hear inside tidbits and personal accounts of Both topics from someone who was actual there and participated in this grand history is ambrosia! The brutal honesty of observations and personal opinion, is just refreshing. Outstanding, buy the book!


No More Duty For Me,

Enjoying the Hollywood Godfather Podcasts

I look forward to the weekly broadcast. I read Hollywood Godfather and listed to the audio book – a few times! The weekly podcast is a listening treat, especially on drives in the hinterlands.


bobby rabbit !,

The best podcast

First heard Mr Russo on a Coast to Coast interview in January of 2020 and I had to buy the book. I just found out about the podcast last week March 2020. I’m in sales so I drive a lot, in one week I have listened to 20 of the episodes and I can’t stop. Very interesting life story, much like a real life Forest Gump life story. You never know what famous person will appear in his next story!

Thank you,

Bob Cornejo



Hollywood Godfather pod cast

I travel all wek in and out of airports. Since I found your podcast I find it addicting. I have listened to over 22 podcasts out of the 37 I have found on line so far. All 3 of you are a pleasure to listen to and so informative with RESL FACTS.

Thanks again for excellent look into Mr. Russo’s life and what is going on now

Keep up the great work

Thomas Fitzgerald


Mrs. ‘D’,

Hollywood Godfather

Great podcast! I loved every episode! So interesting and the format is awesome. Gianni sounds like a natural storyteller, and paired with Pat and and Ms Horan is wonderful. I highly recommend. 5 STARS*****


Nathan A. Ross,

Best Podcast

The moment I saw Mr. Russo’s interview with Patrick Bet David, I got hooked with everything

Gianni Russo. I have been searching YouTube and the internet for other videos. I can sit down and listen to all kinds of stories from Mr. Russo.

Have you guys Considered videoing you’re weekly podcasts simultaneous? This way you not only have the Podcast going on but can also have weekly video YouTube Content like Patrick Bet-David or Joe Rogan. I think that would be a great addition to the Branding of the Hollywood Godfather!

There are many ideas that I have for the team and would love to share them.

Nathan Ross




Hooked from the first time



Love love!

You guys are the best! One of my new favorite podcast! Keep it up!



Chicago outfit stories

Love this podcast.

from day 1!!!👍 Anymore stories about Chicago outfit? Please if you do give more! Thank you



Never a Dull Moment

Love this podcast!! So fascinating all the history and stories Gianni and Pat have to share!! Amazing! Never a dull moment!


Fascinating podcast

Great show! Thanks for creating this podcast and all the great anecdotes.



A great intro and ending

As a huge fan of the podcast, as you already know, the opening intro and ending of the show with Gianni singing is a great way to start and end the show! I’m so glad you brought it back. I listen to the very end even after Megan’s comments!



Huge fan

I love the podcast so glad you created it. One request please please please bring back Gianni singing the intro, follow up Johnny dare in Kansas City Mo is replaying Gianni’s interview its a testament to how interesting Gianni is that I’m listening again !!! Never stop you are a National Treasure



Very awesome podcast

I have always been fascinated with

Italian culture and history. I love the Conversation and stories that Gianni and Pat share about New York and there amazing life’s keep up

the hard work. I have one question for Gianni when he came to Texas during the Kennedy election did he visit my home city of Galveston Tx. I always would hear stories of Frank Sinatra hanging out at a club in Galveston Tx called the Balinese room know any about that ?


Pizzo The Pie,

Amazing Grace!

I have recently finished reading your book and encouraged my husband who was a seasoned Massachusetts State Trooper in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s to read it as well. (My husband has a collection of interesting stories involving the Mafia also) I believe that the black and white hats (bad guy and good guy) over the course of time have become interchangeable and the hat color is dependent upon the task at hand. Based upon what you have written, I believe that it was your faith in God that has led you through this exemplary life that you have lived, but, it is also by the grace of God that you are still with us today. I pray that God will bless you with future contact from your children.

i migliori saluti

Dawn Pizzo


Nick fowler,


Although I just became a subscriber, I’ve been listening to your podcast since I purchased your book in October. You, Megan and Patrick are a great team! Your style of retelling your story over the podcast is so entertaining. I enjoy it very much!



Very Interesting

I am really enjoying your podcast! I hope you received my picture of the Cal Neva Lodge as it looks today. Thanks for a very entertaining podcast!


What to do?

Drop the girl she brings no value to the show. Maybe start bringing some guests instead, celebs, mobsters or guys that were around the life… otherwise the stories are great!


The real Goodfellas

Love this podcast. I could listen to Gianni and Patrick forever. The chemistry they have together is remarkable considering how very different their lives were.

Giannis life is fascinating and entertaining and I love listening to his stories with Patrick adding in his knowledge. The audio can be tough at times because Patrick calls in but well worth it.

If you like learning about the inside of the mob you’ll love Giannis stories.


Barton Mckensingtonz,

Thank you !

Great podcast absolutely amazing stories and chemistry between hosts – Megan is great just saw a few other reviews felt bad people said a few negative things – Megan is great Patrick is great and Mr. Russo is great ; what a life Mr. Russo has lived the characters people times , man it’s unbelievable thank you guys for doing this show keep up the good work !


thomas bonilla,

Love the podcast

Mr gianni My name is Thomas Bonilla I’m from Arizona and me and my father loved The Godfather he is now passed from pancreatic cancer but I love the show I can close my eyes and visualize New York just from your stories I love that you were friends with old blue eyes himself mr Sinatra I love all his music and dean martins and your opening song reminds me of mr Sinatra and I love it I’m love to hear the stories from the mob and intrigued from them



So glad I found this podcast! It is SO good. Must listen ❤️


Marlon B Brando,


I love Gianni’s stories but the music in the background has to go! Bring back Gianni singing The Godfather soundtrack in the beginning of the show and that’s it.




The Best Podcast out there. Can’t wait for the show to come out!




I just ran across this pod cast by chance when looking for something to listen to while busy packing to move, I have no idea how I did that.

Needless to say, I could not stop listening! So interesting! Maybe because I grew up in St. Louis and a lot of my best friends were Italian. We all knew, or heard, that some had uncles or someone connected to the mob, but no one ever really said too much about it. Those were some fun days…some of what is said brings back good memories of how neighborhoods use to be. The main draw though is the inside stories of Mr. Russo and Mr. Picciarelli, they are fascinating! They know how to tell an amazing story and keep you glued to it. Favolosa!!


Dantes Lanausse,

Mr Russo

Did you ever meet bugsy


Vince from St Louis,

Simply the best!

The stories of a life that so many envy, yet so few ever get a glimpse at. By far my favorite podcast!

The comradely you all have developed is such a breath of fresh air. I look forward to many more episodes to come. I want to sincerely thank all 3 of you for putting a real bright spot in my week


Janie 1968,

When is the second book coming?

I first heard your interview with Tim and Dave at Darkness Radio the week before we went on vacation. Then I subscribed to this podcast, while eagerly awaiting the book to arrive from amazon. I saved this gem to read while we were at the beach that week, and I almost finished it in one day. I cannot wait to hear more, and read the second book when it’s released.




Thanks for all your hardwork. Please do an episode on just Bugsy and one on Luciano. Also did people really refer to capone as Snorky. Go on other podcasts like Joey Diaz or Sam Tripoli to branch out. The podcast “scene” is cliquey so crosspromotion is great.

God Bless You

P.S. if its not too personal do an episode on Dione Warwick and racism in old timey italian american society



The Best Out There

I have been listening since episode 1 and have heard how the podcast has grown with every episode. Between Gianni and Pats life stories and Megan’s legit real reactions this show will grow and grow over time. The life Gianni has lived is a history lesson as well as a look to the future.

One Question for Gianni would be, what do your friends that are still here or in the life think about the show?

Keep up the great content and thank you all for the book and podcast!





Great podcast and incredible book! The story of Giani Russo’s life needs to be an Amazon or Netflix series.



New subscriber

Mr Russo, I just listened to your interview on YT—“Why the Italian Mafia Hated The Godfather Movie.” on Valuetainment. Due to your character and openness, I ordered 2 copies of your book for my sons. Always a fan and admirer. I wish Peace to you and your family.




Even though im Irish, i respect the times and life of Mr Russo, his podcast is great and his stories are countless, even if some might be a lil exaggerated, ha!…he’s awesome


I can’t get enough of this Show!!

From your San Diego friends ; ) we want to thank you for sharing all your fascinating stories, life lessons & bringing back a bit of old Hollywood glamour to us! You are a wonderful man & I Pray God Blesses you and your family always! I didn’t even know what a podcast was till you made this show & I’m so glad you did! We hope to meet you sometime in the Big Apple, until then, please have an event in San Diego or LA… your California fans would LOVE IT!! XOXO



Open my eyes

The stories are unbelievable. Gianni’s life story alone is both tragic and wonderful WITHOUT the involvement of the Mafia. I’m blown away. Great podcast and the book is even more informative.


Micah c k,


I can’t wait for each episode. I’ve told everyone about the podcast and the book. Keep up the great work!



Great show!

No longer do I think of you as are forever Gianni to me!Great stuff can’t wait to see this as a epic flick!


The real most interesting man in the world.

They need to make a movie of his experience’s. Great behind the scene stories. I look forward to listening to the podcast every Wednesday. Keep the episode coming.




I just want to let you know hoe much I enjoy your podcast and now have purchased the audiobook.

I have always been fascinated by The Rat Pack and the early days of Vegas.

I love the format of the podcast. You make it feel like I’m sitting at the table, pasta, sauce and a nice bottle of wine talking about the “Good Old Days”.

I look forward to each new episode. Thank you for sharing you stories with us!


Henry Chiarkas,

Thank you so much

Dear Gianni, Megan and Pat … I love this podcast so much and have learned so much … I discovered you while listening to another favorite podcast … The Savage Nation … I was hooked when I heard your interview with Dr. Savage … thanks again will keep listening. Sincerely … Henry Chiarkas



Fan from Ohio

This is a fantastic podcast but, and with all due respect, you guys gotta stay on topic! I couldn’t wait to hear about Mr. Sinatra but all we heard was the same old stuff we always hear about the man. Some how a show about Sinatra strays off to the Kennedys and whoever! It sounds like Mr. Russo leads an amazing life and I would love to hear more so give us more! Every show is 3/4 recap of the last show and then 1/4 stuff we haven’t heard or was only mentioned a little bit. Hit us with a topic and go in depth on that! Other wise great show, love listening every week!



Amazing Book

In all seriousness if all this stuff is true, you lived the most amazing life. Also your story blows away Henry Hill. It is amazing that no one picked this up yet to make a movie or Netflix series. This would be as big as Sopranos and Goodfellas and of course Godfather. Keep pushing and get us a show or movie!!!!



Excellent Podcast!

Love hearing all of Gianni stories of his amazing life! Every week i look forward to the next show and can’t wait for Gianni’s hopefully next book! You guys definitely have a fine tuned team with Pat’s old NYPD stories and Megan’s questions to the guys, about life back then always something new with each show! A must listen!!



Great show!

The Hollywood Godfather Podcast is a great show. The stories that Gianni Russo has to share are incredibly fascinating and the dynamic between him, Patrick, and Megan is so entertaining! I would highly recommend this show to anyone who is interested in the film The Godfather, the topic of the mob, and anything Hollywood!

Indy Film Wisconsin,

Great show

A podcaster in the past myself, with an interest in the Mafia I found this show to not only interesting but so much fun to hear job well done




Great Podcast. I can’t wait for more episodes. A+++


Double Thumbs Up

I heard Mr. Russo on the Savage Nation podcast and I found his stories to be so captivating I could not stop listening. Thank you for bringing your life and insights and adventures to the rest of the world. I can not wait to hear the stories you have to share. Thanks again and best of luck



Guest recommendation

Michael Franzese would be great on here! Michael was a captain in the Colombo family and his dad Sonny was an underboss and is still alive today at 102 years old! It would be LEGENDARY if you could get both on a podcast together!!



Listening from Kansas City,Mo

I am super excited to hear more of this! I heard about your book and this podcast on Johnny Dare’s morning show today and am glad there is more to come!



Everything you wanted to know about the real world Corleones

Real life stories of the mob, governments cartels etc and the stories that The Godfather movies incorporated into the scenes.



Incredibly entertaining and captivating!

Came here after reading Gianni’s book of the same title! Gianni has an incredible life story and I am so happy he is sharing that with the world. As a lover of all things Mafia and Old Hollywood, this has quickly become my favorite podcast!

Canarsie kid,

Wow! Binge listening and catching up

Fascinating story about how Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brandon and Frank Castellano are all connected to Gianni. I’d like to hear about stories with Jimmy Cahn and more importantly the Wiseguy TV show. Any input on Ray Sharkey? And why did Ken Wahl walk away from Hollywood?? Keep rockin’ Gianni!



Outstanding podcast!

An absolutely great podcast to learn about many pieces of history. I hope to hear story of The Ice Man frank Kuklunski.


Deana Ballard,

Makes Mob Life and Movie Life The Real Deal

One of my favorite hobbies is learning about the Mob. Learning about the Mob makes this Podcast worth 5 stars all by its self! Now hearing about Uncle Miltie, Raymond Burr, all those old names….! Who would of thought that about Raymond Burr. Wow!

I want your book! I need an Audio Book as I can’t focus on reading, never could. It’ll be my belated Mother’s Day present to myself

Deana from Salem Oregon



Keep your cards And letters…. Dean Martin???

👏😍love this podcast


? LIFE ?,

His life should be a movie!

Got interested in Mr. Russo’s podcast by AJ’s his life stories & the way he tells them, had to order his book. Also boobs do make the world better!


Jon Jon 26,


I came across this podcast after listening to your book. Both the book and this podcast are amazing. I recommend both to everyone I talk to about podcast or books. Thank you to you three for bringing these stories alive.




Highly recommend

I started listening to this podcast because of Aj Benza, best recommendation! I love listening to these guys! Mr Russo’s life is crazy good