Welcome to the Hollywood Godfather podcast. Actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Mafia associate, Gianni Russo has teamed with an unlikely ally, Patrick Picciarelli, retired NYPD lieutenant, and current private investigator to put together a thought-provoking, tragic, funny, and often shocking view of Gianni’s life in the mob and the movies. His counterpart and co-host, Patrick, will give his insights into the world of crime, and comment on characters both men have known, as well as the current happenings in Hollywood and the mob. They will also be answering email questions, and have a few surprises in store. Trust us, you’ll never hear anything like this podcast.

The friendship between Gianni and Patrick did not have the usual beginnings of boyhood camaraderie. Both Gianni and Patrick were born and raised in New York’s Little Italy and lived a scant short block from each other, but that’s where the similarities end. Gianni sought his future with the Mafia, while Patrick became a New York cop. Their paths crossed a few times, and each was on the other’s radar; distrust and wariness always hovering.

How they became friends, co-authoring Gianni’s memoirs, will be discussed in all the complexities that surround the two diverse worlds of organized crime and police work.

Added to the dynamic is Megan Horan, an upcoming graduate of Fordham University in the Bronx, NY. A native of Philadelphia, PA, Megan made the decision to move to New York City to pursue her studies in Film and hopefully make her way into the entertainment industry. The paths of Gianni and Megan crossed to form an unlikely, yet beautiful friendship. Since then, Megan has joined the conversation with Gianni and Patrick in order to provide a unique perspective for the younger generation listening group of the podcast. 

Their weekly podcast will delve into the world of the Mafia, crime, international intrigue, inside Hollywood, and places such as the Vatican and Iraq; that one would never think of in the same sentence as the mob and cops.

The book, Hollywood Godfather: My Life in the Mob and the Movies, by Gianni Russo with Patrick Picciarelli, will be published in hardcover and audio by St. Martin’s Press on March 12, 2019. First printing 50,000 copies. Available for pre-order now on www.amazon.com